"Passion and excellence are the result of the constant commitment that lasts over times."
Italo Vagnini

Our History

Furniture Made in Italy since 1966

Mobilpiu Luxury is a reference point for those who look for the furniture Made in Italy result of design, passion and refined craftsmanship. The story or our company dates back to 1966 when Italo Vagnini created his first items in classic style in his workshop located in Pesaro. His talent and dedication to work immediately led to creating the models distinguished for the exclusive elegance of forms and work. Soon the workshop produced a wide range of furniture collections which became icons of design recognized and requested on the international markets.

Giacomo Vagnini, the son of Italo, raised professionally with his father, shares his passion for high quality, creativity and skills, and now is leading a large manufacturing company in the heart of Pesaro district, one of the most important in Italy for the MADE IN ITALY furniture. As a leader of a team of experienced professionals, designers, architects and craftsmen, he produces prestigious and unique range of finest quality classic, modern and contemporary furniture.

Handcrafted quality and bespoke furnishings

Mobilpiù Luxury is synonymous with the best quality of Made in Italy furniture, exported and recognized around the world. Each piece of furniture is made by the expert hands of artisans working with unique production techniques. , Precious woods, rich fabrics embellished with superb embroidery, are accompanied by refined combinations, fine finishes and carefully studied details. Every single element contributes to creating furniture designed to match aesthetics and functionality,, with the focus always on customization. The extreme attention to detail and the exclusivity of the craftsmanship, give life to superbly made furnishings, an expression of a wise Italian tradition.

Furniture Made in Italy 100% certified

Those looking for Made in Italy furniture factories should always make sure of the authenticity of the definition. The Mobilpiù Luxury company uses the Made in Italy certification to guarantee the authenticity of the products in their quality, style, image, fame and prestige. The certification is awarded to companies by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, after a series of careful checks on the entire production cycle carried out entirely in Italy.

Mobilpiù Certifications
Mobilpiù Certifications
Mobilpiù Certifications
Mobilpiù Certifications
Mobilpiù Certifications
Mobilpiù Luxury
Mobilpiù Luxury

Our plus

Mobilpiù Luxury is the expression of quality and experience.

Italian authenticity

All Made in Italy Mobilpiù Luxury furnishings are designed, manufactured and produced in Italy, with quality natural materials, following particular processes and using typical traditional techniques. The result is prestigious collections, designed to give an exclusive elegance.

Sustainability and safety

The entire production cycle of the company is based on strict compliance with work and hygiene and safety standards. The attention and transparency towards the customer and towards our employees are an integral part of the philosophy that has always accompanied the brand.

Production quality

Producing certified Made in Italy furniture means for us to maintain the highest quality standards both in design and in manufacturing.The dedication and care of our work are an expression of the excellence of a production system recognized throughout the world and of the people who make it.



The constant search for forms and materials gives a unique and sophisticated atmosphere to our collections furnishing with style and care each environment.



The artisan approach and creative touch are the values that accompany our story in realizing the product made in Italy that lasts over times.



From the idea to an accurate assembly, the customer is assisted and followed up in all his aesthetic and functional needs, within the concept of real “turn-key project”.


manufacturing ability

Traditions, experience, and attention to details create a story made of emotions to touch with hands.